The Why

The Global Wisdom Collective (GWC) supports indigenous and endangered communities in preserving the wisdom of their people for generations to come. GWC serves as a bridge for native nature-based, societies so that the human connection to our Earth is given voice, and is preserved and protected in a way that honors the core integrity of all communities.  

These original and endemic communities have historically been driven out of our modern-day society as a result of colonialism, capitalism, industrialization and humanity’s disconnection from self. This disconnection has led to an ongoing destructive war both internally and externally. Within each nation, these communities have been safekeeping the treasure that is human relationship with its deepest self as well as accumulating natural wisdom and knowledge that is gained only by living in harmony with Earth herself over many lifetimes  The struggle has been to maintain this wealth of information in the face of mainstream societal pressure and appeal to assimilate, increased exploitation of natural resources, and ever-expanding territorial overreach.



Right now, with the disappearance of the Earth’s most precious wildlife and ecosystems, these communities are endangered and at risk for extinction. The loss of even one devastates the whole of our human ecosystem irreparably, placing not only our home (our planet) but our collective body (our lives) at risk.  

Only with thorough and universal understanding can we begin to know how to tackle our planetary issues with a lens that is pure and true and not just the result of siloed research.

The Global Wisdom Collective seeks to ignite the core knowledge that lives in all of us. 

How do we protect our most ancient and indigenous communities oN Earth?

How do we ensure that their voices continue to be strengthened and will be integrated into the collective consciousness of generations to come?

How do we uplift these voices to empower our solutions for addressing our ongoing and new planetary needs?

What We Do

Global Wisdom Collective leads and facilitates collaboration and programming around intergenerational knowledge sharing, preservation, and protection of indigenous traditional ecological knowledge, alongside indigenous and diaspora communities.


GWC builds bridges amongst communities to channel resources to reverse the preventable extinction of culture and sacred natural resources and empower youth and generations to reconnect to their ancestors’ lifeways.


Focus Areas

Ancient Wisdom Preservation


Our work focuses on protecting traditional ecological knowledge and key cultural lifeways pertinent to, for, and alongside treasured and sacred communities that would otherwise be at threat for extinction.

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Our work prioritizes channeling resources in protection of sacred natural resources and wildlife.

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We create a space of sharing and involvement between generations and cultures that will carry the torch of this preservation work, as guided by our elders and ancestors.

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We  empower leaders and change makers to champion the protection of sacred communities and endangered beings. 

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Our Team

Our growing multidisciplinary team is composed of brilliant indigenous and diaspora individuals around the globe. 

Dominica Zhu

Founder, Managing Director 

Dominica is dedicated to protecting what is most ancient and timeless within our world and unifying these with all that we have gained in modern living and learning. 

Dominica offers her talents forged during years of global work on issues of poverty, human rights, and health, as a social impact strategist, partnership builder, speaker, and healer. As an Asian diaspora individual with indigenous roots (Dai) in China, she follows her  thousand years lineage of traditional healing from her bloodline. She holds an MBA in Global Sustainable Social Enterprise and degrees in nutritional sciences and social justice.  She is also a Certified Health Coach and Certified Bodytalk Practitioner, a consciousness-based healing modality. 

Dominica is also an ocean drowning survivor, and lends her experience in surviving death to her work and passion to create a more whole and healthy Planet. 




Dominica Zhu Global Wisdom Collective
dr wei yu GWC

Dr. Wei Na Yu


Dr. Yu is a traditional Chinese Medical healer from Kaiping Village and is one the rarest and most original Chinese Medicine Doctors that still understands the traditional system as intended from his Chinese ancestral roots, as well as practices it to apply to modern lifestyle changes and ailments. She has been in practice for over 42 years and has touched over thousands of lives individually.

Dr. Yu is one of the few Chinese medicine doctors certified by the prestigious World Federation of Chinese Medicine and serves as an advisor and catalyst for the organization, educating on best practices of documenting sacred medical systems and preservation for generations to come. 

Carson Kiburo

Co-Founder of Revitalize the Roots Initiative

Carson is a youth leader and a community organizer from the Endorois Tribe of Kenya. He works on indigenous people’s rights, youth empowerment, and global governance. Carson has extensive human rights training background; University of Pretoria’s Centre for Human Rights’ Advanced Human Rights – Indigenous Peoples Rights at the Faculty of Law, Defenders Coalition Human Rights Academy among others.

Currently, he co-chairs the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus. Carson is also a board member at Major Group for Children and Youth. Carson is particularly interested in intertwining cultural heritage and traditional knowledge with scalable sustainable development. Carson is the Executive Director of Jamii Asilia Centre, the co-founder of the Revitalize the Roots Initiative alongside the Global Wisdom Collective.

Carson Kiburo GWC
david pierre louis GWC

David Pierre Louis

David is a community organizer dedicated to strengthening social and economic development in Haiti.

He is the Founder and Executive Director of Kay Tita, Cofounder of Impact Hub Port-au-Prince, and the Founder of Port-au-Prince Startup Week. He is dedicated towards the empowerment of youth and bridging of the diaspora communities.

David supports the strategy and vision of the organization and the documentation and bridging of diaspora communities alongside the Global Wisdom Collective, as partners of the Seeds from the Root Initiative.

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